Getting Past “Fine”

I came across this excellent post on how to draw out your children and get beyond nondescript answers like “Fine” or “Good.”

I utilized one of the creative suggestions at dinner last night and we had a lot of laughs. But I think the wisdom here goes beyond just interacting with kids. In all of our relationships we often settle for “fine.”

Here are some of the author’s creative suggestions:

  • Play “Two Truths and a Lie” about your day. – This is the one we tried at dinner.  It also turned into “Two Lies and a Truth” and “Three Truths.” 🙂
  • “What was the most amazing thing that happened at kindergarten (or work) today?”
  • “Complete this sentence: My day would have been more exciting if…”  –

Any other ideas for getting past “fine?”

Read the whole post here.


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