Monday Humor: We are Walmart

I’m not sure Freddy Mercury could ever have imagined something like what you’ll see below. (Sorry, no embed capabilities on this one)

We Are Walmart Video

This video is humorous and we should laugh – Is ‘mud on your face’ a positive quality for a Wal-Mart associate?

But here are a couple points of appreciation I have for this video beyond its comedic relief:

  • Kudos to the cameraman for not simply hiding behind the camera.  He joined in the singing and showed he’s a team player.
  • Well-done Mr. Manager.  You’re not taking yourself too seriously, but you do take your responsibility as a leader seriously and you’re trying to be creative, even if silly, in motivating your team.  That’s a good leadership lesson for all of us.

Anything else you appreciate about “Starting the Day at Wal-Mart?”

P.S. It appears that WordPress has decided to exercise their right to place ads on my blog.  I’m grateful for their free service and understand that they need to pay the bills but their choices in ads have not reflected my values.  So, please ignore the ad below.  It has nothing to do with this post and, besides, you should wear pants and drink water because they are good for you, not because Jennifer Aniston does.



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