No Excuses – Memorize Scripture

There’s a saying I’m fond of that relates to the things of God and how people respond to them:

They’re not just true, they’re real.

I believe it’s true that memorizing scripture is extremely valuable. This is only reality in my life if I make a serious effort to memorize Scripture. That being said, this is an area of my life where I need to get more real. There is no replacement for discipline and diligence but I came across an opportunity to drastically help our efforts to memorize passages of the Bible.

Go check out this blog post which explains how to download audio mp3s of the ESV Bible to your ipod…for free!  You can use car time, walking time, or any other time to repeatedly listen to passages you’re trying to memorize.  The good folks at Crossway (publishers of the ESV) are quite generous.

While I’m on the topic, let me suggest as well.  This is a great site to help organize your scripture memory efforts as well.


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