Week Links 9/6/08

Pray for India

India joins China as a place that has and will continue to garner missional focus and therefore be a place of increasing persecution.

Significant Searching

I’ve had the google desktop for a while but only in the last couple weeks have I actually used it and realized how handy this thing is. I may be the last person to catch on but if not let me recommend the download. I’m able to find files and other things I’ve worked on much faster because of this.

Sarah Mania!

No doubt, Palin is the talk. My first reaction to the news McCain had picked a woman for VP, not knowing anything about her, was that this was a maverick’s gamble – it would either be the thing that wins people over or seal his fate. Now that I’ve learned more about the woman with the most recognizable specs since Sally Jesse Raphael and she’s delivered the “speech heard ‘round the world” I’m more inclined to believe the former. Nonetheless, her choice has vast implications and I’ve provided a couple articles that helpfully discuss these: Here and Here


This looks to be a really helpful and engaging new online magazine.


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